Laurona Ruishail

A slender, red-haired woman who is determined to prove herself.


She is very slender half-elf who stands almost 5’6". She has long, dark red hair with a few lighter highlights. She traditionally has her hair up in a simple, unadorned braid. Her hazel eyes usually settle on grey-blue, though they turn to brown when she is under attack or on edge.

She is always wearing a thin charm bracelet that chimes when she’s playing her zither. The charms on the bracelet include: open scroll (Symbol of Oghma), zither, masquerade mask, quill, and arcane sigils. She has a khopesh strapped to her side.

When Traveling: She wears a simple green tunic with a black leather belt and dark brown trousers. Soft leather, fingerless gloves. Dark high boots cover most of her calves and include an inch heel (with a concealed dagger sheath in the heel). She wears a pair of sun goggles around her neck when she’s not using them. If weather requires it, she puts on a dark green, good cloth cloak.

When in Town: A white blouse with a pale leather vest. Dark blue skirt and low boots.

  • Gain a reputation for her exceptional abilities as a bodyguard (or her associates)
  • Learn the art of Bereg-Arnadh (Sigil Carver paragon path)
  • Teach tolerance throughout the world (or what she can reach)
  • Find forgotten or lost lore and donate it to House of Wonders and/or Orthodox Church of Oghma
  • Learn arcane rituals

Laurona Ruishail

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